Danae [detail]


This is the second work in what I am calling now my ‘Grid Nude’ series. ‘Grid Nude’ for obvious reasons. The work is perfectly finished in its apparently unfinished state. (I prefer the unfinished reality to that of the finished appearance.) I have only shown a detail because I should not want to offend or upset anyone who gets offended or upset by the sight of a nude (woman) in a painting. And for this I apologise to all lovers of beauty and the sublimely beautiful. And I make no excuses, for an old man nearing his dotage there is nothing more beautiful, nothing to compare with, the sight, – yes, the sight, that divine faculty without which there is nothing but a pit of oblivion, – nothing to compare with the sight of a beautiful naked woman. The bark of a tree has its beauty, its limbs, its fingers, but none of these even begins to compare with the flesh of a woman. Perhaps I am unlike other men. I am not interested in touching or groping or giving physical pleasure. It is the sight above all else which moves me. But then I am after all a painter, a looker, a spectator in this exhibition hall of life. Peter Robinson, February 28 2017.

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