Abstract / nude study…

Abstract nude study

Dry pigment, cold pressed linseed oil and damar resin, on cotton canvas, 12 x 16″, approximate date, 2000, signed 2017

Came across some old paintings done approx 20 years ago – nudes, landscapes, self-portraits, and the like – so I might as well catalogue them (as and when I find the time) and sign them too if needs be… The above piece already shows signs of wear – craquelure at top right – but back then I was still making my own paints with pigments and oils bought from Cornelissen’s of London for economic reasons and also because most of the oil paints you buy ready-made in tubes are cheap and horrid nasty… Thus I made my own but then the problem becomes one of ensuring you don’t add too much linseed oil (cold-pressed) to the dry pigment!!!

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