Four Just Men… Initial, secondary, and tertiary oil paint marks for a group portrait study of four great men of recent times… from left to right: Martin Luther King Jr, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, and Count Leo Tolstoy… (a work now in progress)

four heads 2

Update… but now I really must leave it as I said (previously) because the paint is getting impossible to control!!!

Four heads

The piece so far… enlarged the heads but Thoreau’s has ended up being disproportionately large… could scrape off the wet paint… but no I’m going to leave the work for a few days… meditate on it… let it dry out, then re-work it. Come back to it with a refreshed mind…

king thoreau gandhi tolstoy

This is just an initial setting out… what happens from here on in is anybody’s guess… I was going to include myself but there’s not that much room on this small canvas (24 x 18″) for one who loves to paint with a broad brush… decided to include Martin Luther King because all four are related ideas-wise: all advocated the way of non-violence; all were pacifists; all were prepared to suffer for their beliefs, for justice, for right reason, for their fellow human beings…

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