Organic abstract / splayed Alder (oil paint and scene painter’s charcoal drawing) [WIP]

Drawing of splayed Alder

Oil and charcoal on heavy duty cotton canvas, 24 x 24″, commenced April 23 2017

Remarks… Nature is so obliging! Even the abstract painter may look to her for inspiration… she supplies abstract subjects in infinite abundance. I can / could take this drawing in any direction I wanted… it is so abstract – though clearly organic – that I could even dispense with Nature’s further services altogether… but that would be a stupid thing to do! She never once turned her back on me… always there when I needed her! I think many painters before me have thought the same thing. She provides unstinting support to all artists who turn to her for succour. She is my true mother… and wife, and daughter, and girlfriend, and companion… what would I do without her? What _could_ I do without her!

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