Long abandoned derelict stone farmhouse byre [SOLD]

Long abandoned derelict stone farmhouse byre

Oil on heavy duty cotton canvas, 24 x 24″, May 6-7 2017

Love the way Nature reclaims what rightfully always belonged to her. Man’s lease upon the earth hath but a short date. He is forever passing through the world, a world indeed, a universe, governed by Nature and Her forces. And what powerful forces She commands! No man, no army, can overcome Her. She is all-powerful. She bides her time but always the victory goes to Her. And thus it shall be so in the end when man’s dream of life is over.


    1. Thank you Paula… that’s one of the kindest, most generous, and nicest, things anyone has said to me about my painting in a long time. Such warm comments from a fellow artist are very much appreciated. In my imagination, in my dreams and fancies, I am a great modern master, an unrecognised genius, producing great works of art! However, in reality I’m probably just another mediocre artist!!! Whatever, I send you my best wishes, Peter

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