Apple blossom-ish

Apple blossom-ish

Oil on linen canvas, 16 x 12″, May 12-13 2017

This was going to be a nice painting of apple blossom until the accidental effects department intervened… I am now reluctant to touch it any further because as it is it has (what I can only describe as) a somewhat peculiar three dimensional quality… and if I continued painting I know I should lose that quality! Actually, the piece started life as a very dramatic sky, very perspectival… but I wasn’t happy with it and began to scrape off the paint… In the meantime, in between stretching and priming canvases, I’ve been watching the blossoming apple trees in the orchard and was desperate (feeling-wise) to try and capture something of the joyous emotion the concept of apple orchards evokes in me – and has evoked in me since childhood. I haven’t succeeded in that respect but I have created what for me is an interesting image.

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