Camouflage (unfinished)

Camouflage 2 - was Forest clump 2

Oil on heavy duty cotton canvas, 30 x 24″, May 18-19 2017

This was going to be a second version of ‘Forest clump’ but instead, somewhere along the way, the idea struck me that I was painting nothing but varieties of camouflage; that indeed the phenomenal world in its entirety might be regarded as nothing more than the arch-creative agency’s way of camouflaging itself. The work will remain unfinished. I need to explore the chain of ideas associated with camouflage before I pick up my paintbrush again. What an horrendous thought! Namely this, that all art, architecture, and sculpture, all human endeavour and indeed the so-called ‘natural world’ in all it’s various shapes and forms is nothing more than camouflage!!!

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