Homage to Marcel Duchamp Dadaist extraordinaire


Glazed ceramic toilet bowl, timber seat, metal hinges / screws, plastic fixings, black ink, signed Marcel Duchamp, July 30 2017

A century has now passed since Marcel Duchamp exhibited his urinal (euphemistic title: ‘fountain’) which he signed ‘R. Mutt’ and presented to the world as anti-art. I see no celebrations in honour of this man and his groundbreaking work and views on art and life in France, in the USA, or anywhere else for that matter. And I see no improvement in the way the world operates, i.e., wars, weapons manufacture, genocidal maniacs let loose upon the world when they should be locked up in mental institutions, and peace given no chance as per usual! We need artists like Marcel Duchamp, artists that hold a mirror up to the world, artists that are in all too short supply. So anyway here is my small offering in praise of this (and several other remarkable pieces of) work produced by the great man. I’m thinking of the bicycle wheel fixed to a stool, an image I once employed in a poster many many moons ago! And of course the ever enigmatic ‘Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors Even’. I raise my glass to you Marcel!




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