Just another country lane in the rain

Just another country lane in the rain

Oil paint on acrylic primed rough hessian sackcloth, 16 x 12″, August 22 2017

This is probably more about perseverance than country lanes and rain. The first work in this category, ‘Republic of rain,’ ended in disaster; the second, ‘Just another country lane,’ still isn’t right, the third, (this one,) is a further attack on the most mundane of subjects. It still isn’t where I want it to be! Eventually I may get it right or else I’ll abandon it altogether! By the way, these sorts of country lanes are two a penny out here in rural Ireland. Stones bounding fields full of rushes are planted with Hawthorn and Ash and left to their own devices. Every so often a tractor with hedgerow saw will come along and cut most of this stuff down and then it’ll be left for another year or two or more to become wild and unkempt once again.

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