The painter

The painter

Oil colour on 12 oz cotton canvas, 48 x 36″, completed Oct 17 2017

In the ancient world (as in the modern) where frauds and hypocrites abounded, Diogenes demanded that someone, “Show me an honest man!” Well, I cannot show you an honest man, Diogenes, but I can show you an honest painter; a poor painter; an unrecognised artist; and he or she is the one I admire the most. But, then, reality bites… is such a person a mere ideal? Do such artists exist only in my mind? Or is the term “honest man” perhaps simply a synonym for “fool”?


    1. Yes, there’s that aspect too… honesty _is_ relative to this or that… so yes you’re right…! Why do I always damn myself by seeing things initially leastways in terms of absolutes? Thanks for opening my head! 🙂

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