1. In my experience it is the earliest marks one makes that are the liveliest… it seems that as one continues, though, one ‘kills’ this liveliness and ends up with something ‘dead’… not always, but more often than not…. I think some might speak of it as the so-called ‘artist’s first fire’… the problem is this ‘first fire’ can so easily be dampened! 🙂 What do I call you, btw, ‘ou’?

      1. If I don’t continue after those few marks though, I end up with a pile of unfinished looking paintings! But it is a dilemma. I also seem to do better work on the back of something else or a sketchbook or rubbish paper! Call me OA. I like the blank paper on the left, it makes the trees soar.

  1. Yes, the question of what constitutes the finished article is an ongoing dilemma… one thing I do know or feel and that is I’ve had enough with this piece! Sometimes you just don’t feel like pursuing things any further…

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