Yellow River Falls and Rapids (a work in progress)

Yellow River falls update

Work still in progress…

Yellow River falls study

Oil on 12 oz cotton canvas, 48 x 36″, began this painting a couple of days ago but work has had to stop since I’ve run out of white paint!!! Some large tubes ordered but am now having to wait for them to arrive. This is a really difficult subject: rocks, scrub, trees, and of course water, and what water! What power! This place is only a 5 minute drive from here but I never saw such a flow of water on it as of late. It’s deep in places and if you fell in you’d be swept away by the torrent. So as well as being a wild place it’s also dangerous. Which adds to the excitement. The noise of the roaring water is deafening… enough. I’ll come back to this piece in due course.


    1. Yes, very challenging… and certainly more than enough to keep me going for whatever time I have left… the river in full flow adds excitement to the scene which is somewhat drab without it… without such a moving target the soul is not stirred so much… and isn’t it the artist’s job, too, to introduce a little joy, via a few enhancements, lies even, to what might otherwise be regarded as a pretty drab prospect? I don’t know… I am formulating a theory but haven’t got things clear as yet… !

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