1. I love seeing these paintings, being Irish on most of my sides going way back to an ancestor remembered as The Old Hugh who settled in the 1830s in the state where I grew up—well, I’ll never see Ireland, but these paintings make up for the loss.

  2. Really nice comment… thanks… much appreciated! I know some of these paintings of mine might appear amateurish too or the work of a ‘Sunday painter’ but it really isn’t easy to do much artistically with what out here in the mid-west is a pretty bleak and barren landscape… Rushes and Sallies (Salix) everywhere… cattle and sheep subsisting on what little grass there is at this time of the year with silage supplements and the like… I think I do manage to capture something of that bleakness though… ‘The Old Hugh’ sounds like a character!!! Now I know a few middle-aged ‘Hughies’ but I never yet came across any ‘Old Hugh’… It must have been difficult in days gone by! Did I write back to your ‘Mistral’ post? I was struck by your eloquence.

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