The Arigna Miner’s Bar in 1998 [SOLD]

The Miners Bar Arigna Co Roscommon in 1998

Oil on canvas, approx 48 x 36″, 1998

This was a painting I made in 1998 of the heads and shoulders of well over a hundred Arigna and environs people. All these faces are easily recognisable likenesses. I can name most of the people depicted here. Many however have long since departed from the world of mortals. This is an important historical document as well as a painting of what will soon be a bygone era. Sean Flynn who commissioned the work, can be seen at the top centre of the group. Sadly he is one of those who is no longer with us. The new owners reopened the pub in May 2017. I wish them every success. The painting has a slightly yellow cast. This is because it hung in the bar before the smoking ban. Glad to see this painting has survived. The perspective of the building, by the way, is deliberately thus and so.


    1. Thanks OA… what interests me about this document is how I managed to capture all those likenesses… I’m not exaggerating when I say this… and it’s funny how even though twenty years have passed the people are still recognisable

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