Stone outbuilding (unfinished)

shed monet

Began this painting today and even though it’s far from being finished I like it! It looks like somewhere else as well as the place it is. Funny how painting can be like dreaming… things can cross logical boundaries and vistas can open up that aren’t there in the real world… So painting pictures is something like dreaming… ? This is an oil paint on cotton canvas piece, 32 x 24″, Jan 12 2018… The building looks really solidly situated on rough old grassy ground. It’s been there a century or two, and some of the walls have caved in and been repaired during its life… I love the ultramarine shadows and the Winslow Homer like background trees (even though that isn’t how the real background looks at all…!) I’m also thinking of Monet’s haystacks series.. how different light affects the scene and no doubt the viewer.


    1. Thanks very much and very kindly OA 🙂 Yes, it’s difficult, (ie., time-consuming,) to paint individual stones in a wall… in so doing one necessarily loses sight of the big picture, the whole…. There has to be some efficient way of supplying the idea or visual illusion of stone but via the broadest brushstrokes… One is ever seeking and making discoveries in this game!
      BTW the paint for the rough grassy bank is really scrubbily applied in keeping with the scrubbiness of the grass itself at this time of year… seems to work.
      I’m going to squeeze a load of titanium white out of the tube and plaster it over the bare canvas white areas on the wall… and thin it in places but in a fairly random or unthinking-ish way. Have a great weekend!

      1. I like the vertical blue marks contrasting with the ‘scrubby’ green too. There’s lots of interesting marks in this that I’m going to study and try and replicate in something of my own!

  1. Well, OA, I kept the blue marks but had to do more work on the building wall. I think the photo of the finished painting more accurately represents the tones… and I think I have somehow managed to achieve (don’t ask me how!) the effect of light on stone…! The marks you refer to are mostly made with scrubby hogs hair brushes stuck in bamboo canes… in other words brushes with very long handles (which allows me to stand well back from the painting…) when I say long handles they’re approx a yard (or a metre) long. Difficult to control at first but not for long.

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