Stone outbuilding (completed study)

stone shed rural ireland

oil colour on 12 oz cotton canvas, 32 x 24″, Jan 12-13 2018

As much as I liked it unfinished I couldn’t leave it like that. I had to create a truer impression of the stone wall. As for the sky beyond that is a lie. What lies behind the trees in the field is spruce forest, i.e., dark green. So this painting refers to the view but in part only.

I really like Monet’s serial paintings of haystacks and also his paintings of Rouen cathedral… the way he paints the light reflected off the facade of the latter at different times of the day… Well, even on this humble stone building the light reflected from the stone varies according to daylight conditions, weather, seasons, etc.. One could if so inclined paint 20 or 30 canvases and yet not even begin to tap into the innumerably various effects of light. Light is constantly changing, every second, every millisecond. Every moment is new.



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