Drumshanbo famine graveyard

drumshanbo famine graveyard

oil on 12oz cotton canvas, 32 x 24″, Jan 23 2018

Drizzly day, alone, I visited the famine graveyard in Drumshanbo. Wandered around for some 20 minutes or so in this forlorn space. Moved by the thought that some 500 victims of the Great Famine lie in this uneven and in places boggy ground. No names, only unmarked graves, only grassy mounds. This painting is not a view or landscape. No, there is nothing picturesque about the place. It is merely my heartfelt response to what I saw and thought at the time of the visit as well as subsequently upon reflection. The colours I used: emerald green, zinc white, a little red, and a smidgen of blue.


  1. I just finished reading Paul Lynch’s Grace, so your writing & image really touched me. Thanks.
    BTW, I’m setting up a links page of blogs we like and would like to include a link to yours. OK? If not, that’s fine. Merci encore for the post.

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