oil paint and oil paste on 12oz cotton canvas, 32 x 24″, Jan 26 2018


    1. Thank you OA ! ‘Oil paste’ is a concoction of dry pigment (in this case titanium white) mixed with a minimal amount of linseed oil and damar resin in turpentine (combined.) It’s important not to overdo it with the resin-oil liquid otherwise you get oil wrinkles as it dries. I do have a glass muller I bought years ago but I’m not into grinding the pigment…. I just use a palette knife and mix the dry pigment with the resin-oil as thoroughly as poss. I kind-of like the roughness of the stuff (as opposed to the smoothness of oil paint.) I have a lot of dry pigments left from the days I used to grind ’em… it was much cheaper than buying oil paint in tubes and, more importantly, you knew exactly what was in your paint! whereas with the stuff you buy – well, god knows what extenders and muck they mix in with the pigments / dyes / whatever !! Hope that explains!

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