1. The title tells us that the tree is a metaphor for feelings…? or that the tree has feeling? or both? I am interested in this whole idea of somehow expressing feeling through the medium of ‘figurative’ artworks based on nature… any thoughts on this would be appreciated, thanks, Paula

  2. It’s a fortnight since I began this piece and I’ve now forgotten what prompted me to give it that title… I think it was more to do with _my_ feelings, mixed feelings about life and the whole thing… so I think I tried to let nature do its thing, my being, my body, a tool in nature’s hands, so to speak… trying to be nature rather than copy her creations, being natural, letting go of my feelings, channelling them into this piece… releasing a head of steam… automatism and all that. But also the thought that looking was feeling, that is, observing, drawing, painting, in this case a large tree, is about feeling its forms, its power, its majesty, its stoic grandeur, its mightiness and strength, the way it withstands all that the weather / the elements care to throw at it… exemplary beings, trees… all sorts of symbolism but stuff that is embedded deep in my unconscious psyche… eyes are like feelers, like very advanced mechanisms of touch, they do their touching (unlike the mere skin) at a distance / from a distance… hope that helps, Peter

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