1. Hi KA, Briefly, one thing leads to another… there’s all this stuff going on in the world of late… the other day I came across a dead sheep on the mountain which gave me pause for thought…. death has always been an important subject in art – from memento mori to crucifixion to you name it… wars of every conceivable sort not just exernal but also those within us (the passions etc) and I was looking at some of the gruesome images in Goya’s etchings… also reading an interesting thought-provoking book about Bram Stoker (author of Dracula) and Russophobia and the Crimean war etc… and from this I decided to dash off a painting of what men do to each other all the time (read literally and metaphorically) in fact someone just contacted me and said this very thing is happening in Mexico at present (drugs wars)… just sick of the whole thing after nearly 70 years of witnessing one war after another and all that loss of life etc etc… I came across a video of men in a helicopter hovering about shooting unarmed civilians for the hell of it and took a still and dashed off a quick piece in black and white… it’s no Guernica but it was painted as a protest … could say a lot more but that’ll do… best wishes to you KA, Peter

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