Sketchy impression of a shady sycamore

painting method #7

oil on canvas, 20 x 30″, May 24-25 2018

Very very difficult subject. One would like to simplify. But where to begin? Use brushes the size of brooms like Titian? Just a few colours: titanium white, chrome oxide green, cadmium lemon, cobalt blue, burnt sienna, raw umber… It’s a big tree with thousands of branches and twigs and its foliage billows in the breeze almost as though it were plumes of smoke issuing from some gargantuan chimney…. I may leave this to dry, shouldn’t take long what with the cobalt and umber in the paint, and perhaps come back to it… Funny the thoughts that pass through one’s mind but for a while I had the idea I was painting a giant green butterfly that was flapping its wings and heading for the sky…

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