Log decks small version

Log decks small version

oil on canvas panel, 12 x 8″, July 28 2018

Any attempt to draw every single log wood be academic. There must be a way of painting that suggests, or represents something visually complex; that gives the idea or impression, or implies whatsoever; that speaks to the mind of the perceiver, and says, Here are stacked a great many logs, each one different from the next, all separate yet massed together, and that doesn’t involve drawing.

This is a problem for the artist but a problem that was solved by the ancient Greek painter, Apelles of Kos. He was painting a horse and wished to represent its foam (in Greek mythology, Poseidon created horses out of sea foam) but was unsuccessful. He flew into a rage and threw the sponge he was using to clean his brushes at his painting, and the mark made by the sponge produced the effect of the horse’s foam.


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