Dance of botanical life wip

IMG_4943 (2)

oil on canvas, 40 x 30″, commenced yesterday August 6 2018, to be finished at leisure

The rough ground between the viewer and these leggy ash trees is where the spruce forest plantation stood. This ground is covered with spruce branches. Streams and drains criss cross it. Compared with what was here before it is now a desert. However, the other day I did see a wren that had made its home in some dead and dying branches. And the summer swallows are still here and continue to swoop about overhead. (Lovely sight to watch them.) But the ground looks a mess. The logs have been moved from the vicinity and stacked near an access road. All that’s left is these flattened twisting ash tree stems at the perimeter of the plantation which now for the first time in 35 years are able to receive the full light of the sun.


  1. Thanks for the thoughts OU. Maybe if I buy a tube of iridescent blue green oil paint and make a painting… showing some of these oil spillages / contaminated water… well, what should be water but what is instead something unnatural looking…

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