1. Hi Paula, Hope you’re well… not quite sure what you mean… I had been painting and the image just kept changing and the paint got thicker too and the whole thing was becoming a frightful unworkable mess… so I got another canvas same size and pressed the two together to get a print or just to see what would happen so I got a kind-of monoprint from it… and then proceeded afresh to work on that … As for the old painting, well I tried to rescue it but it wasn’t happening… But it was a good thing because the ‘print’ looked like a detailed drawing and I thought it might be a promising way to paint leaves and twigs but haven’t yet got round to it…. just smearing lots of paint onto a rag or piece of paper and pressing that against the canvas… it’s experimental but I think it could be a good shorthand way of painting foliage … I hope that makes sense ! 🙂

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