Winter sun [wip]


oil on canvas, 32 x 18″, Dec 5 2018

Not at all sure how or even whether to proceed with this beginning… thinking of getting rid of the trees at left, maybe… It’s based on a photograph of cleared spruce forest taken by me a couple of mornings ago.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts… I wasn’t happy with the painting, it was getting a little too tight, I wanted something more fluid, more ambiguous, less illustrational, more painterly…. so today I launched a major assault (or should that be offensive?) on it, attacked it, so to speak, with bigger brushes, gestures, saturated colour (cobalt blue)… it’s perhaps a somewhat violent and destructive approach, and certainly a hit or miss method, but it can yield results, improve something that is becoming tedious and spiritless… I think now there is some character to the painting, some personality… the artist listens to what people say but has in the final analysis to rely on his own voice, his (or her) own judgement…. and probably he or she invariably follows the pathway they were always destined to follow anyway! Hope some of what I’m saying makes sense! Thank you once more for contributing. 🙂

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