A study for the shooting of Vincent van Gogh

shooter of van gogh

oil on canvas, 18 x 24″, Dec 27 2018

Needs re-photographing in daylight….

Need to emphasise the point that this is a painting. It is about paint and painting. About pigment and colour. It is NOT a photograph nor is it based on any photograph. Likewise it is NOT an illustration. I choose to paint like this NOT because I am incapable of painting or drawing in a photographic or naturalistic manner but because I am a lover of paint! An erstwhile ‘paint-ist’ as well as a painter.

The hat needs to be made darker, more ochre-y. This is the kid that shot Vincent but…. big but… it could almost be Vincent himself painting in some field in Auvers… reaching out to his canvas and applying paint to it as he scans the field of wheat and poppies in which he is standing. Just a thought.


    1. I’d say man was always into making marks on walls… certainly ever since he noticed coloured earth and picked it up… cave paintings attest to that… and body painting too… I studied graphic design and illustration at college 50 years ago and whilst they may be forms of art, commercial art, they are not my idea of art proper, and as for photography, well for me that is a tool but it is kind of impersonal, there’s no hands-on with it…. another enormous subject which I can’t go into in any depth here. πŸ˜‰

      1. Best wishes to you too.
        What’s the inspiration? It seems obvious to think it might be the recent film, but this is a great subject without that. I like to analogy between the youth with the gun and VvG and his brush. I can imagine a version of this in which I might see the foreground figure prominently as the artist holding his brush to the landscape, until I spot, merged in the background, the falling figure of the actual artist.

      2. Thanks ! And for the ideas and suggestions too ! Yes, I can’t free myself from this analogy between the painter with his brushes creating the world, so to speak, and the youth with a gun, destroying it… the polarity of creation / destruction: maybe you can’t have the one without the other… and it’s as relevant a subject now in this modern world as ever it was in the past… I’m still working in the dark where the direction this work is being taken in is concerned, just feeling my way…

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