1. The top one works really well. I was looking at earlier versions and thinking about the legs apart feet firmly on ground stance. This one shows him closing in on himself, clutching the wound.

    1. Thanks… yes, the legs and feet are a problem, have been all along… The scene with the legs as I’ve been doing them looks too “high noon-ish”… I’m going to have to invest in a full-length mirror! I’d appropriate an image from earlier art or a photo but unable to find one that fits the bill. It would seem that google filters out such images!

      1. You have to act the role in the mirror I guess. The question is not how he stood when he was shot but how was he standing moments before. Did he see it coming? Was he shouting at his antagonist? Was he painting, turning to look, walking? The shot disrupts what ever he was doing before.

  2. Yes, interesting thoughts… what would he have been doing immediately prior to being shot? It’s anybody’s guess really. He could have been doing any of the things you say… ??? I like the idea of him giving out to the kid with the gun… He was shot in the left side from not very far away but the position of the wound suggests according to some expert or other that it would have been impossible for him to shoot himself, so maybe the gun went off accidentally. So many scenarios…

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