1. Interesting reshaping of the artist.
    So what was the calibre of the weapon? I remember seeing a documentary on making Western movies. They had a rope round the guy’s torso and when he was “shot” he was yanked back to show the effect of a the impact. I don’t know how realistic this is. I once had a patient who worked at Porton Down. He told me they experimented with pig carcasses to work out the effect of a bullet impact. Perhaps not an experiment you can replicate. Is this known on the internet? Perhaps too dark to find out …

    1. It was a .380 calibre and I’ve searched and searched to try and discover the guns that used such ammo back then but am unable to find anything meaningful… Was the gun a pistol, a revolver, a derringer… ? Who knows? Rene Secretan seems to have referred to it as a “peashooter”… And then there is the fact that the weapon was never found (although recently some gun was found but no proof that it was the gun that was used)… So, I’m clutching at straws!

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