1. So the impact was maybe thirty seconds ago, he was thrown back but is now recovering to limp towards his killer, while his life’s blood ebbs away.

      1. What do I know but what I see on movies? Still here goes.
        What you have done in the last few sketches is very expressive and moving but comes seconds later, the gradual collapse from blood loss. I imagine the first impact throws him back and opens him up, and then like a recoil then he moves forward and closes up, clutching the wound, flexing his joints.
        But I don’t know. Perhaps a “peashooter” has no impact force, just pierces and by unlucky chance hits a big vessel and causes collapse from internal bleeding. He is startled then wilts.
        Perhaps this is too forensic and the real issue is how to make this an artistic composition not a narrative.
        Thanks for hosting my rambling on this anyhow.

      2. No, I really appreciate hearing whatever you have to say… I looked at Goya’s painting of an execution (or was it Manet’s?) and one of the men being shot throws his arms up in the air… maybe this is moments before or maybe as the bullet enters, but they are using rifles so a man would surely get thrown backwards with a jolt but, well, again I’m not looking to paint an illustration artist’s impression of what happened but something to do with my feelings about such occurrences… I remember that thing with Steena Reevekamp and Oscar Pistorius.. (don’t know if I’ve spelt their names correctly) but always felt that the truth was never told and that a poor girl was murdered… and this sort of thing is happening all the time… now I’m rambling! Thanks for you input!

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