Very small study


In oil paint (mostly black and white) on a tiny 5 x 7″ canvas panel. Started an en plein air study of a nearby gully but it got so cold that I had to finish it indoors. Well, so one thing led to another, in the best Socratic tradition, and I ended up with this!

A little later… Looking at this tiny canvas panel I see that I have painted a very schematic image of a woman’s breasts. Funny that, because my mother (who died 25 years ago) was born on February 1st (which is today’s date.) She once told me that I was breast fed for 18 months – which is quite a long time! So clearly that formative experience would inevitably have had a profound effect on me and on my subsequent development as a human being in its entirety. Thus, so it seems, my unconscious mind, my thoughtless mind, directed me along a long-lost path back to infancy and to my mother’s milk. So this in all its schematic simplisticness might be some sort of devotional piece. A madonna and child. Well then maybe I should dedicate this little image to my long dead mother and call it “mama”…. or “madonna and child”… or “mom breast-feeding” and maybe this is what that category of art and Christian religious imagery is really all about.


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