Quick pen ink and watercolour sketch / study of road through woods

ink and h2o study for possible oil painting

Fountain pen ink and watercolour followed by Rotring pen on A5 paper, Apr 11 2019

Fountain pen ink and watercolour don’t mix well. The former bleeds into the latter creating all sorts of undesirable effects. Undesirable probably in relation to the small size of this drawing but on a large sheet one might be able to make positive use of such accidents. This was drawn quickly with a fountain pen. Then a little watercolour dashed on. Finally a Rotring pen was used to more or less conceal (as best I could) the unwanted bleeds. I’m thinking that although the subject is hackneyed (and I myself have painted many ‘path through the woods’ type things) it might be followed up with an oil painting on a 32 x 18″ canvas. The bluebells at the location are not yet in full flower so I might go back in a few days time and take notes.

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