Beauty and ugliness

Forgive me for I am not my own man… I don’t think I ever was. I know not what I do. Maybe I am ruled by a malignant spirit. I don’t know.

I am not to blame for my words and deeds… and likewise I must try never to blame, or find fault with, or vilify others, whether they be individuals or institutions. Like me they know not what they do.

The world is neither beautiful nor ugly… all notions of beauty and ugliness are to be found only within me, within my soul, my personality, my character.

Beauty and ugliness war against each other day and night within me and I am powerless to stop them.


  1. Creation is destruction, according to Pablo
    Picasso. The act of painting destroys a pure
    white canvas. But the world is full of empty
    picture frames. The act of creation is us mere mortals, full to the brim with goodness
    & ugliness, reflecting the divine. A balance
    in all things, and finding light in the grey bits
    in-between. It is the artist’s compulsion to
    find beauty, and order, where there is none.

    1. I think Picasso is right. Creation and destruction are inseparable. They are at once diametrically opposed and at the same time part of a single unified whole. Take away one and you remove the other.

  2. Yes … we create within the handprint
    of what has already been created. Like
    rearranging molecules on the holodeck
    of the USS Enterprise 🖖
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    What I once thought was ugly, I now find
    has much character 😎

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