Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

mirror mirror

Change of title to better reflect [no pun] my intentions… the meaning of my art.

Which is?

I’m holding up a mirror to the world, a mirror which reflects human nature, human greed, injustice, hypocrisy, corruption, human affairs generally… And then there are the despotic regimes that have divided up the world and installed their phoney governments, their phoney values, on the flocks that they control… those that are warmongers, land-grabbers, gun users, murderers, rapists, and others of that ilk… In other words this painting is an in-your-face piece, whatever you see in this painting is what you are yourself. Hopefully, you see something of beauty, of the beauty that exists only inside you. But then there is a great deal of ugliness too… It’s an interesting concept. I see beauty but ugliness too. In the end maybe this painting is all about me, what I see, what I am.

Oil on canvas, (in progress,) May 9, 10 2019

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