Don’t know what to call this…

ash stump

…an ash stump maybe? Not very healthy looking. Infected with chalara fraxinea (ash dieback) disease, and looking much the worse for wear after damage done to it during the recent harvesting of sitka spruce. No real trunk, lots of broken branches, little in the way of foliage. It was a rare sunny Irish June day.

Painted over an ugly looking earlier work. Oil on small canvas panel, 12 x 16″, June 30 2019


  1. Thank you. I often feel like giving up altogether, get depressed with the whole thing… your kind and good comment is a very welcome glimmer of light at the end of a long dark tunnel… it gives me hope and strength sufficient to enable me to continue what is perhaps in the final analysis a pretty futile struggle… against overwhelming odds. Thank you again.


  2. A “glimmer of light” is what you provided for me, to continue my search….for what?…i keep searching to find out!
    Each morning when the sun comes up, i find the energy to continue with little optimism, but lots of anticipation…..

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    1. I see you paint, Spass, and that you are an architect and, BTW I think “Spass” is a very good name for an architect, one who does stuff with space!
      I googled your name and see you are on Facebook.
      I think searching for meaning or searching to make sense out of life, searching the general rather than the particular, is a non-starter. There is no end to such a search!
      Maybe Picasso had it right when he said that he doesn’t search, that he finds. For art is a voyage of finding out (self-discovery) and, in my case, one is continuously finding out how little one knows! Finding out is thus, like searching, an endless activity. There is so much to discover. About ourselves and about the world…
      However, unlike searching (which is about being lost) making discoveries is enjoyable.
      Do you have a WordPress page?


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