Experimental work. An image of the sort of state sanctioned violence we are all too familiar with nowadays. One in which shadowy armed figures beat and kick some poor citizen half to death. This is juxtaposed with an image of a sexy woman. The whole is of course open to interpretation. Original sketch in watercolour on Canson paper. Photographed the sketch then played with it on digital media. Thinking in terms of an oil painting on 30 x 30″ canvas based on this image. See what happens.


  1. Yes, Russia too, and France, and other places. I think Liberty no longer leads the people but has just laid down and given up. The people’s voice is not listened to. The elite, the most cunning, and those with the biggest truncheons, the mighty, still hold sway. Right doesn’t get a look in…

  2. You are right, but the problem is the people too, the mob, are also potentially an instrument in the hands of the powerful and unscrupulous, and sometimes its democratically functioning powers that stand for the balance that protects all of our freedoms. So there is no one right, on at each point we have to judge right ourselves, on poor information often. No wonder most of us hide from this in apathy or privilege where we can.

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