Ode to Hitomi, a Japanese sunflower #2

Japanese sunflower #2JPG

Tracing transferred manually with carbon paper to Canson watercolour paper… now I need a break! There must be a quicker and less laborious way of doing this!


  1. I googled on her name.
    She looks seriously uncomfortable with her anatomy. Forgive me, I am not judging you, still less your art. I do not know what agency and control she has in real life but her appearance induced in me a deep sense of sadness, and the image I took away was not of delight but of someone being trapped or worse. The website i found using her images is, I understand, a vast capitalist conglomerate. Perhaps that is the art here. To induce these conflicts of feelings.
    Did I find the wrong Hitomi?

    1. Fifty odd years ago in my late ‘teens during a ‘trip’ on lysergic acid diethylamide I made the startling discovery that the world is full of people who are uncomfortable with their anatomies. A little later, before I went to art college, I worked as a psychiatric nurse (RMN) and came across people with all sorts of anatomical ‘discomforts’… I think this young woman, Hitomi Tanaka, does have a problem with her breasts, the fact that they are so large, but she has turned a negative into a positive and cashed in on it. Marty Feldman had a problem with his eyes, thyroid disease, but he did not let that get him down, he too turned a positive into a negative. And the list of people with problematic anatomies is endless. Some let their problem get the better of them. Others adopt a more philosophical, a more realistic approach. You have one shot at life, why waste it feeling sorry for yourself? Show me the man or woman who has agency or control in life. I don’t believe in free will, it is a myth. It allows the priestly, the legalistic and politically minded to hold people morally responsible for their actions, and to punish and imprison and execute them… and so on and so forth. I don’t know why you should feel sad. Isn’t that a bit patronising? The young woman herself seems to be remarkably happy and she is doing a job, and working hard, and doing stuff that most people would find disgusting. But still she keeps a smile. That is a kind of superwoman to me. I don’t know which website you visited. Or what capitalism has to do with the subject. It’s a very big subject and some might say a can of worms. What IS art? What IS porn? Where is the dividing line? Well, thanks for your input all the same.

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