1. Really?
    Female, nude, large breasts, housework?
    There was a small advert on the backpage of the local paper years ago for Nude Gilly who did housework. I imagined myself in my 80s and infirm and this being the only bright spot in my week. But somehow I don’t think reality would be much fun.

    1. Probably pure fantasy… can’t now recall where I found the image. But it’s all in good humour… this woman seems to be the living epitome of Japanese anime. Which seems to be all the rage in certain art circles here in the Western world. Today’s kids seem to be more in touch with what’s going on internationally than the old fogeys that imagine they run the world! Japanese art in all its cultural richness is something that fascinates me… whether it be in the form of Haiku, or Bonsai, of Anime and Manga… I don’t know how they did it but after Nagasaki and Hiroshima they rose up phoenix-like, a nation of Samurai warriors, to become a world-class economic power…. large breasts are the order of the day in contemporary Japanese art, comics, games, etc..

      1. Sure
        I don’t know how this is seen in Japanese culture. But I am sure you know that the components of this picture will make many women here feel uncomfortable, linking femininity with submissiveness and with exclusive responsibility for maintaining the home, because most women I know live with and have to challenge the concepts expressed here on a daily basis. For allied reasons it discomforts me also. So, intended or not, this simple and well executed sketch will will elicit strong and likely negative responses. Still, art should breach boundaries of political (and other) correctness and all the conventions of polite society. Some though might argue that this image does not challenge boundaries but reinforces them. This is probably why we mostly express ourselves through landscapes, for safety, as a cloak for our natures and feelings.

  2. Most of the women I have met have had responsibility for the management of the household or have been home builders while their husbands went out to some job or other, whether in the fields or in the city. This has been the case since time immemorial.

    Women and their children are no longer the mere slaves of the husband / father master of the household as they once were. Although I’m not so sure that applies to women in Saudi Arabia and other such places.

    For my part I have never seen women as particularly submissive. My mother certainly wasn’t.

    Yes, there are ogres abroad in the shape of men, we hear about them all the time, but not all men are misogynists. Who draws the line in all this?

    For example, Degas, a truly great artist, has been vilified as a misogynist, which is surely taking political correctness from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some people really do need to get their own houses in order.

    Painting landscapes, and en plein air work is all very well for those who live in climates where it doesn’t rain more or less continuously… in fact, talking about the Japanese again, they introduced an interesting way of representing the rain, which Van Gogh picked up on. (See his small painting in Cardiff Museum and Art Gallery.) I have thought of making a series of painterly complaints about the weather here in the North West of Ireland in like manner. There are days when it is impossible even to take a camera out due to the rain.

    What do I do if I’m stuck indoors? I am not part of the rich and privileged Art Establishment. I can’t swan around Hollywood, not that I’d want to, frankly, with a coterie of hangers-on, like some do.

    Thus the Internet, a window on the world. And what is the Internet about, mostly? Porn. Exploitation. Selling. Prostitution. So I am bound to refer to what I see through that window. I cannot do otherwise. And if people choose to feel uncomfortable about the real world as portrayed via this window well all I can say is hard luck. Nature is red in tooth and claw. Get used to it.

    So my advice, read, learn, study, open your mind, try to see / understand what is really going on. If that doesn’t help there is always cognitive bahavioural therapy! That would be part of my advice anyway.

    PS This discussion has something to do with the notion of that which is referred to as “women regarded as sex objects”. But I’m not sure what that term “sex object” really means. So a quick glance through some Web articles. This one stood out for me, even though no doubt some will criticise it as a somewhat “right-wing”-ish view: https://www.nationalreview.com/2016/12/men-see-women-sex-objects-its-not-misogynist-its-reality/

  3. HI
    I think what you have said is very much my point.
    Art will have an impact and will induce a response. And sometimes that response is negative whether that interpretation is what was intended or not. I am just commenting honestly from my perspective, not lecturing you or telling what is or is not acceptable as art (definitely not doing that). My point at the end is that my own more limited art (at least what I blog) is safe, mostly skirting round these issues of gender and sexuality because I don’t know how i would approach these important issues artistically.

    1. Well, I am an old man now but my arteries have not yet hardened and thus I am privileged, or have been given the privilege, as it were, to feel freer than ever I did before. I was always answerable to some pang of conscience, always on a guilt trip, or cared about what somebody said, family or other. Was I doing the right thing or the wrong thing? I felt I had to conform and respect the values of the world in which I found myself. But you know what? I found out in my own way that “their” systems of values really don’t count for much any more. That most if not all stuff that happens does so on a fairly arbitrary basis. Now it seems to me as an outsider that it’s every man (or woman) for him or her self and to hell with standards. People just don’t seem to care and the ones that do, big time, seem to me to be meddlesome busybodies. Did I say that I studied philosophy for a while and found it wanting? Same with religion and politics. And probably if I cared to look into the matter more deeply every other area of social life in the city-state. Yes, my views are anarchic and atheistic. But that doesn’t make me a bad person, someone out to rob his neighbour, or to deceive his friend. In art one tries to get oneself into what one is doing. Pictures and drawings are like books, they can be read, and stuff gleaned from them that helps explain the predicament of the individual in our crazy modern world. And yes I may well be a disillusioned old cynic on top of everything else… the human personality or psyche is a complex thing but artists are individual reflections of the time and place in which they live…. I’m not much good at talking any more, just killing time in a way until the grim reaper turns up. What else can you do? Apart from your best. Make your best moves but even the best chess player sometimes loses.

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