Thought for the day

When people don’t like what you’re doing it’s a sure sign that you’re doing something right.

In other words, the less people like my work (my art) the more certain I am I’m doing well.

If we followed every whim of the crowd we’d never accomplish anything, let alone anything great.

I’ve never conformed and I’m not about to start now as I enter my dotage!

I’ve always been fascinated by womens’ anatomies, particularly their breasts, since the youngest age, when I first start noticing such things. And I’ve been drawing them on and off (mostly off) since at least the age of 9. I would carry drawings I made in my pockets. I was showing one of these drawings to a schoolmate in class one day, and somehow it got passed round. The teacher, Mr. Slater, got hold of it, and knew it was my drawing because it was so accomplished, (even at that age I knew how to make realistic-looking images,) and he called me to his desk to gently admonish me. He didn’t throw the drawing in the waste paper basket but kept it.

Formative experience. We are what we are based on our earliest experiences. I was always challenging myself to do better and to be better. That is my nature.


    1. He must’ve… but it was so long ago now… over 60 years have passed…. where have they gone? like Mr Slater and the drawing they have vanished! 🙂

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