A completely unfinished detail… but I kind-of like it like that because…

hitomi hokusai etc profile

…it says something about values. It says, ‘Fuck your material comforts, your material values, your materialism, your populism, your social media, your Internet god, fuck the lot!’

The tragedy of modern times is this, The Internet seems somehow to have become the arbiter, nay, the dictator, nay, the demagogue, of values.

But I digress. Why shouldn’t a completely unfinished drawing / painting be treated as finished in its unfinishedness?

Does anything ever get really finished anyway?

Isn’t everything a work in perpetual progress and regress? Standing still?

The notion of progress in the arts and sciences and human affairs generally  is absurd… (although Krishnamurti might argue a case for technological progress.)

It is easy to be fooled by appearances.

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