Sleeping / flying redhead

woman red hair sleeping

With thanks to Hokusai and Picasso

Mixed water-based media on A3 paper, Oct 12 2019

Paint is still very wet and I might have to do a bit of tweaking when it’s dry.

This one is a heavily pixellated version:

woman red hair sleeping pixellated

And flipped over she is a flying redhead:

woman red hair flying pixellated

Afterword. I think this painting is about the soul, the human soul, which is feminine in nature.

It is also, according to the ancients, a fiery thing.

The flight of the soul.

Soul searching, far and wide.

We fall asleep and dream. The soul leaves the body and returns when we awaken.

It left bodily things behind. Where did it  go?

In death the soul departs never to return.

The body gives up its ghost.

Plato and his mentor Socrates discussed these matters long ago.

But I still don’t know the answer to the question, What is a soul?

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