1. Dunno
    Depends of what you are trying to show in the piece.
    Here porn is a subject of art.
    The life model nude is not porn, unless that is her intention.

    1. It’s strange working with a naked model, alone in a room… I haven’t analysed it in any depth but there is something going on beneath the surface appearances. As for this drawing, it was based on no life model, but on some pop digital image of a sexy woman I came across on the Internet… can’t recall reasons if any behind the sketch… maybe trying to break free of something…. mixed feelings abut this and indeed the whole subject. Thanks for your input.

      1. Mmm
        For me it’s sort of the other way round. There are people I’ve been alone with, intimately, whom I’ve drawn. But that’s the point, we were not together primarily as artist and model, but I took the chance to draw, as a vehicle to make sense of feelings.
        I’ve drawn life models in groups, not alone. It’s quite clinical. It’s about light on flesh, not feelings or intimacy. Alone with is nude model, that’s dangerous.
        You’ll know I’m not a professional artist. In my day job, by inclination and training, if someone is undressed, there is nothing going on under the surface for me, I am detached and working to gain information and protect that persons dignity (I’m also chaperoned). Perhaps that spills over, and I would be uncertain how to create real art, with feeling, working with a nude model. The strangeness you refer to is necessary I think.
        Working with nude photos or from porn, that’s different again.

      2. Yes, I too have made drawings and even taken photographs of women I have been in an intimate relationship with. What I meant, when I said being alone with a model was being alone with a professional model in a life room at art school. By ‘things going on under the surface’ I meant the very idea of one person having power over another, the accepted yet questionable tradition of life drawing in which the artist, usually a man, draws ‘his’ model, usually a woman. The awkwardness of such a situation in which one person stares at the other and virtually touches the other with his eyes and pencil…. it’s kind of invasive. The whole situation is somehow false. It’s somewhat different when the life room is full of budding artists and a single model. I think you once said you were a medic, well, that’s interesting because S Luke (I’m not religious btw) was always regarded as the saint of artists and doctors… the two practises were much more closely related in the past than they are now. This is another big subject! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond.

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