Began an oil sketch (bad photo…

Oil sketch digitally remastered

…unfortunately due to the fact that it was taken under artificial light.) Some digital remastering / tweaking done for effect. Initially, lots of oil paint (literally) slapped on and fairly thoughtlessly until I managed to get the canvas covered. Well, what the hell! It’s a time-honoured method and it suits me, my character, my nature… I mean it allows me to get something of my soul into the painting. But now it needs a day or so to dry before more gets done (like correcting the drawing for instance!) However, I don’t want to destroy the painterliness of the piece. So, take care, Peter. As for the likeness, well, a rough semblance is perfectly adequate for my purposes.

Oil on canvas digitally remastered for effect, 18 x 32″, Nov 12 2019

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