1. Pop ain’t so popular amongst
    the seekers of perfection.
    Pop suffers from the common
    infection, of trying to please all
    the people, all the time.
    … A big artistic crime.

    1. Where are the seekers of perfection in today’s world, David? The British Aristocracy Corporation soldiers on only after their disastrous performance and subsequent fuck-ups beneath the radar. History is still the history of the rich and privileged, written by same, only dressed in the clothing of the multitude.

      1. Yes, I feel ‘masters’ is more appropriate as opposed to ‘slaves’… the masters are invariably the victors: they possess the wherewithal to crush the slaves… check out all the slave rebellions crushed by the Romans… Of course the Nazis modelled themselves on the Romans. Funnily enough the British aristocracy modelled itself on the Romans too! haha!

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