Just a thought about art and robots

It would seem there is very little room left for hand drawn / painted stuff using traditional materials, i.e., paints, brushes, paper, canvas.

Art and artists as they existed prior to computers and modern technology are now, so it seems, superfluous to requirements.

Robots in the form of art programs appear to have taken over and traditional artists, whether painters of landscapes or abstracts, have become a historical curiosity.

New art branches are putting out shoots, old ones are dead and dying.

It’s a horrible thought but traditional art amounts now to mere handicraft.

It doesn’t matter if you use acrylic paint rather than oil paint. Those ways of constructing pictures are outmoded and have been superseded by digital media ways of working.

So, what is left? Making cute pictures in the Japanese anime manner? Even that is done with modern technology. What then is the artist to do? Is there even any such thing as an artist any more?

You can’t beat them but what if you don’t want to join them?

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