My recent work

I have worked at painting on and off depending on the circumstances of life for roughly 60 years.

In my most recent work I have not painted every twig, (which photography is much better at doing than painting,) but have looked at the whole, scanned and searched with screwed-up eyes, for what is essential.

BTW I actually do wander about among the nearby hills and fields… among the wilds that constitute this little portion of North West Ireland.

My painting is NOT mere pop imagery, it is actual painting.

My works now affirm the materials used in their making, i.e., real oil paint, real stretched / primed canvas, brushes, etc..

Okay, so what I’m painting is not popular. But I don’t want it to be popular. If it were popular then I know there would be something intrinsically wrong with it.

Moreover, I am not interested in likes, in the ‘you like mine and I’ll like yours’ ethos which seems to be the modern way. To hell with that.

And the same goes for me: I am not interested in being popular as a person or even in being liked.

I am old and work my ass off trying to create something, an art of worth.

I hope my stuff has value, not financial, definitely not financial, but aesthetic and moral value, value that matters.

I follow in the footsteps of the Western tradition of art and the old masters I most admire.

Paintorealism (or Paintorialism) is a made-up word but one which has loose associations with the word pictorialism. That which is Paintorial however is about what goes on in the mind as well as the eye. So Paintorealist work is intellectual as well as visual.

Most painters are not very bright, and like the un-art-educated populace at large, they don’t have the mental apparatus / education to grasp difficult art concepts. Their work is shallow and superficial. Their styles are contrived.

Paintorealism is also directly opposed to Photo-realism / Hyper-realism. This latter fad is a form of pop art in which all brushwork is hidden. Of course the uninformed like faithful copies of photographs. Well that’s up to them.

Paintorialism does not reject modern technology. It uses it. It exploits it. But for the Paintorialist the slavish copying of photographs is not what art is about.

One last time, it is the material, the brushwork, the impasto, the essential, the subjective, the genius of the individual artist, the originality of vision, that Paintorealism emphasises… truth to materials and to the nature of the individual, is for the Paintorealist what painting is about.

All the rest is pop illustration.

Peter Robinson

Dec 6 2019

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