County Leitrim lost in mist and fog today

misty day

Oil on canvas, 24 x 18″, Dec 17 2019


    1. Sorry Mike I don’t even know what a gravitar is! !! 🙂 Actually the colour on that piece is not quite right. It should have more of a slightly yellow cast… like the distant band of sky. I ought to make some adjustments… it’s too cold… but then I s’pose the fog was freezing cold… and you could see nothing except hills which look like islands sticking up out of the ocean of fog… and the only sounds were the crows cawing to each other… I love that sound they make!

      1. Hi Peter a gravitar is the small round thumbnail picture to the left of your posts and comments, I like the style along with your general paintings. In Arizona we have ravens and coyotes, their sounds are great as well. We’re both fortunate to hear such wonderful things, think about all of the people that only hear the chaos of the cities.

      2. Thanks Mike. I’ll check that out. Yes, we are. I lived in and around cities in the past but my life’s path seems to have gradually led me away from such places of noise, confusion and pollution. We have rain here today. Grey skies. I dread the snow and ice. But then as long as I have fuel for the stove, and electricity, and food, it’ll be alright.

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