1. Thanks Mike… yes it’s kind-of scary in a way… you start making marks on paper with no idea in mind and no idea of what is going to happen, what the out come is going to be… sometimes when things start going badly, i.e., it doesn’t look right, you have to rescue it, which can be a tricky operation ! Artists who work this way, whatever media they use, are baring their souls, their personalities, their selves, to the world, saying ‘This is me.’ I must take a break and look around at what others are doing. I get so involved in creativity that I forget the world ! Hope you have a great new year !

      1. We create in solitude which is far different than those who work in the middle of society. It is beneficial to see what others are doing, instagram has some marvelous artists. I still prefer our approach Peter, your work is unique and often reminds me of Van Gogh. A great new year to you too.

  1. Poor old Van Gogh. He was basically an outsider too although he had his brother, Theo – but everyone else turned their back on him. And look now, Van Gogh is a legend, worse, an industry! Makes me sick to think of all the money that is being made out of his name, by all the criminal art dealers, auctioneers, and curators who run the art establishment.

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