L A canal view 3

IMG_7991 cropped etc

Worked all day on this but not happy with it. First time using 320 gsm deckle edge handmade recycled fairly traded 100% cotton rag paper, Versatile support. Very responsive… Started out as a watercolour but then I brought my pencil (3B) into the proceedings. I wanted to ‘see’ the masses and therefore delineated them with pencil scribbles. This so that I might secure a unified composition… Had to wash out what I’d painted a few times… Experimenting as always… And I used a little dilute acrylic white in places purely as a scumble… (will give the piece a light spray with damar fixative in due course so the watercolour doesn’t come away from the acrylic.) Used some Chinese brushes which are good for drawing lines… And mixed Japanese with European watercolours. The image shows holly and alder trees at the edge of the watercourse with mounds of dried bracken (lovely colour) behind and various trees and shrubs. There is a grass path running all the way along. Paper size: 12 x 12″, painted today, Jan 26 2020, after a photo-note taken during a walk (of several miles) on 22nd.

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