1. Poor John… so bad what happened to him… still can’t get over it… there are conspiracy theories to the effect that he was assassinated… that certain US govt agencies were behind it all… that they wanted him silenced because his voice was listened to… it wouldn’t surprise me in the least… knowing just how corrupt and cold-blooded people that wield power are.

  2. John Lennon certainly shook the
    the system’s foundations. When
    he befriended Bobby Seale, of the Black Panther Party, he was directly
    warned the he, and Yoko, were in
    danger of being kicked out of the
    U.S. … or worse.

    1. Yes, he was of the species ‘human’ (all too human – danke, Friedrich!) even though he was a famous (more famous than Jesus Christ – he came in for some stick about that too!) celebrity and artist.

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