1. Yes, David, she’s celebrated for her ample bosomy assets… She (and all celebrities) are a class apart… they desperately (and perhaps brainlessly) cling onto the nothingness of their meagre celebrity… which is a kind-of curse in a way… This poor little girl, famous for her outstanding breasts, well, I hope she doesn’t wake up one day to find the world has forgotten her… which would be devastating. I hope she doesn’t end up like Marilyn Monroe…

      1. It can be a millstone around the
        neck. And doomed to be lose in a
        battle with gravity. I guess, being
        mammals, we human beings see
        large breasts as a sign of ample

      2. Yes, I guess that’s the main reason she has millions – or maybe tens of millions – of fans hither and thither across the globe. I’m just writing a short song about her…. keeping busy David…. it’s my only escape (from the madhouse maze of the world!)

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